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Devinci Monocoque Carbon Gravity
Enter DMC Gravity technology and a carbon repertoire for rides built to flow fast and smooth in rock-ravaged environments. Mountain-specific Devinci Carbon Monocoque G technology uses cross-hatched and unidirectional carbon fiber layers, bolstered by high-strength epoxy resins and finished with a blast of Nano powder additive. This Devinci-exclusive recipe equates to ultra-lightweight frames, fine-tuned for knockout strength. Stand on the pedals, batten down the hatches, and watch dirt get demolished. DMC G. World Cup annihilator and Steve Smith approved.
All carbon frames are not built equal. Scratch that. Some just stand so tall above the rest, it’s dizzying. Devinci’s state-of-the-art, handmade carbon frames have achieved stratospheric status via an advanced stiffness tuning process. The formula involves harmonizing and hybridizing high-strength carbon fiber with high-modulus strains, while integrating numerous customized patterns in the layup process. The result is a fine-tuned tensile balance that combines the best of pedal-power stiffness with rock-stomping durability for premiere carbon performance. Devinci Stiffness Tuning. For the ultimate carbon blend—where and when it matters most.
Devinci merges bladder molding with advanced silicone insert technologies for precision carbon monocoque construction across all facets of the frame. The result is a buttery smooth architecture, inside and out—far surpassing one-dimensional bladder construction builds. Bladder molding is used during the layup process to guarantees a flawless fit for simpler parts. For more complex junctions, such as head tubes and bottom brackets, silicone-insert technology is the new standard for superior carbon compaction. In addition, the removable silicon insert ensures that adequate and even pressure is applied to the smallest, most intricate sections. This multitier carbon build process results in not only a lighter frame, but a completely synched ride built for ultimate, all-terrain performance.
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