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Vélomag preview the 2012 range | In 2012, there will be a lot of changes to our range of products. We’re introducing a new high-end carbon bike and we’re discontinuing the cx range. As for mountain bikes, the 29” will finally take the spotlight it deserves.

The pinnacle of the Saguenay-based company’s range of products is the all-new Leo SL. The measurements and the material used for this new bike remain the same, but the contours and the tubing are completely new. The most obvious change is the new carbon frame and fork, which is more modern, dynamic and distinctive than the previous model. The result is a success. Showcasing modern design, the chainstay is asymmetrical and the cables are integrated into the frame, which makes it possible to modify the bike with electromechanic groups Di2 and Shimano. The Leo sur mesure program, launched last year, may apply to this Leo SL. This program does not include made-to-measure frames (only five sizes are available), however, it offers a choice of colours, wheels and a number of other options available at Devinci. As for mid-range bikes, last year’s Leo model will now replace the CX, which will be discontinued. CX-inspired features will remain since the material it was made with, i.e. a mix of Toray T700 and M30SC with nanopowder) will be used as base materials for the Leo 2012, creating a bike identical to last year’s Leo, but using different materials. The Silverstone aluminum bike range will remain unchanged, except for the new choices of colour and the available parts; for example, the Tosca SL aluminum cyclocross will now be available in the XS, which means that five Tosca sizes are now available.

Welcoming The Big Wheels! Finally, Devinci has taken the next step by creating bikes with large, 29" wheels. Six models are available, offering a diverse range to fans of this style. For hardtail bikes, the Wooky range is available, featuring two carbon frames (SL and RC) and a further two aluminum frames (XP and S). The most distinctive models are from the Atlas family of products, as well as the RC and XP. As with other Devinci double suspension products, they include Split Pivot suspension technology. Developers worked hard on these 29 inchers so that customers could benefit from the advantages of that size, such as maintaining speed, the ability to conquer large obstacles and the grip of the tires, without affecting manoeuvrability. They have also shortened the chainstay so that the handlebars and the acceleration of the 26 incher can be used. The result is a difference of 3mm between the length of the chainstay of a 29 incher versus a 26 incher. Lastly, the Wilson SL downhill bike will be equipped with carbon seatstays and all cross-country bikes valued at more than $1200 will now feature 2 x 10 speed transmission.

Text by: Luc Belley and Jacques Sennéchael
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