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The Dixon’s plush suspension, balanced geometry and sturdy build make it a downhiller’s dream daily ride.
Dream ride
A downhiller’s dream daily ride | Devinci Dixon RC
Price $4,000
Price Range $3,000 – $5,800
Weight 29.3 pounds with Shimano pedals

Final Take
The Dixon’s plush suspension, balanced geometry and sturdy build make it a downhiller’s dream daily ride.

Last year I met a new riding buddy—and his name is Dixon. It was immediately clear that we have a hell of a lot in common. We both love ripping down burly trails, and we share a profound appreciation for a plush, bottomless-feeling suspension setup that makes challenging descents all the more sublime.

What’s more, we both agree that riders should spend more time shedding pounds from their asses than shaving grams off their bikes, especially since such weight-weenie myopia often makes bikes much less capable when the trail really starts to get rad. We’d rather rely on fitness, pent-up anger and 145 millimeters of efficient rear-wheel travel to get us down one mountain and up the next.

Given all this common ground, Dixon and I spent a shitload of time together in 2011, shredding tasty singletrack all over California, Utah and North Carolina—and we loved every second of it.

So when my fellow test riders in North Carolina echoed my effusiveness for the Dixon, I felt downright vindicated. After the trail dust had settled, each tester said he was comfortable on the bike straight away and wanted to ride it aggressively.

Some said the Dixon had the best small-bump compliance of all the bikes in the category, noting how smoothly it rode through consecutive hits. And though some felt that the Split Pivot platform bobs a tad more than the DW-Link while climbing with ProPedal disengaged, they conceded this was a fair trade-off for how well the bike pedals under power through rough sections of roots and rocks.

One tester described the Dixon as a “downhiller’s dream trail bike,” and its stout build certainly bears this out. With beefy axles, ISCG mounts and threaded bottom-bracket cups, this bike is versatile and made to last. And with a lifetime frame warranty, any friendship with Dixon should be enduring.

– Brice Minnigh
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