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Filming Life Cycles
Life Cycles and Cycles Devinci team up! | After more than two years of filming Life Cycles, the Stance Films crew was heading in northern Quebec (Canada) to the Cycles Devinci factory. The plan was to take some factory shots but I think they had more than they expected! The crew was in Devinci’s headquarters for the week, filming, riding, karting and much more! So you will definitely see some nice shots of the factory in this more than expected movie. You can also expect to see young gun Evan Schwartz from Devinci Factory team ripping some trail in his segment. There’s also going to be some ‘’behind the scene’’ material of the factory on the bonus DVD of Life Cycles where you'll see how the crew was able to create the shots in Life Cycles.

Stay posted for more news of this movie, which is going to redefine the mountain bike film scene.
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