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09.03.13 | Follow the Leaders
Tour of Alberta completes a 2013 season stacked with great results
06.27.13 | MindSet
Talent. Guts. And drive.
06.27.13 | MindSet
Talent. Guts. And drive.
05.23.13 | Bravo
4th place overall at the tour of california
05.15.13 | HOLESHOT
Mancebo takes 2nd place on first stage of Tour of California
05.08.13 | All-in
3rd at Tour of Gila and ready for Amgen Tour of California starting Sunday
04.26.13 | Road kings
Competing in Joe Martin's Stage Race April 25th to April 28th
04.16.13 | Hot pursuit
Mancebo scores 2nd amid stacked Tour De France field
04.09.13 | Checkmate
team work and strategy paying off in redlands classic
Road racing
Jim Stemper
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When I graduated from High School a few of my friends were going out on road bike rides, so I used my graduation money to buy my first bike. I have always been competitive and played with a lot of heart, but I never had many muscles to speak of. While I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University I also stuck with riding because I loved it so much. In fact, I went to bed early on Friday nights just to wake up early on Saturday mornings to train with my coach at the time(who liked mornings, i guess).

After graduating, I planned on teaching kids in St. Louis through a program the Jesuits offered, however I also began to win races which led to a contract with Kenda Pro Cycling for 2010, which i accepted. Since then I have lived in Tucson, Park City, California, and Milwaukee all while spending as much time as possible in Jackson, Wy training, sleeping on futons and extra beds, and racing.

I would say the easiest part of being a pro has been riding my bike. My favorite finishes are when the field is barreling down on the breakaway in the final kilometer and the winner comes out of the day-long breakaway just meters ahead of the sprinting field. Every day that I get to ride I consider myself lucky.

2013 is going to be an exciting year for me as i hone my time trialing skills to hopefully improve on a 7th place at the US Pro TT Championships in 2012, as well as focus on becoming a GC rider.
Age:  33
Nationality: American
Birthdate: January 1st, 1987
Birthplace: Wauwatosa, WI
Residence: Jackson, WY  

1st - Overall Tour of America's Dairyland - 2010:
1st - Stage 4 Tour of America's Dairyland - 2010:

Hiking, camping and food; cooking it, eating it, going out to let someone else cook it, it may be the reason I stay active so I can eat food.
The one thing you always have with you:
Some type of backpack.
Best post race snack:
Peanut Butter Banana Bonk Breaker Bar.
Dream training place:
I would never actually want this to happen, but if you paved all the hiking trails in Grand Teton National Park, and it was always 65 degrees and not too dry, maybe partly cloudy, and put the Mount Lemmon Cookie Cabin every 10 miles, I would live in a tent if i had to, and i would ride around in there every day.
Favorite quote:
Tomorrow is a new day.
Favorite band/musician :
Bon Iver.
Tire or tubular:
Tubulars, no question.
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