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Tour of the Gila, May 1-5 2013
All the best to everyone on the team this year.
Tour of the Gila, May 1-5 2013
All the best to everyone on the team this year.
Devil's spine
Untamable Tour of the Gila, May 1-5 2013 | Near Silver City, New Mexico on any given bicycle ride, the relentless climbs often lead to blurred vision and burning legs. Often a cyclist must claw and grind up a climb, like the Sappollo or the Gila Monster through what feels like a vortex of pain. This can be mentally crushing. Racing up the infamous climbs of the Tour of the Gila conjures even more brutality. For most, racing in this region creates the sensation of breathing through a straw; hence just riding in up some of these climbs is a questionable endeavor as implied already. However, every cyclist ignores those thoughts of quitting and overwhelming pain as they push their physical limits. Better yet, racers thrive in this irony of suffering, because they know, if they make it to the top of these climbs the sense of satisfaction upon summiting is surreal. This distinct sentiment will typically only remain for a short while. At least this is true in a racing context as pedalling across the rolling, exposed summit plateaus of these climbs is unrelenting. For example the Gila Monster which happens to be the penultimate climb of the Tour of the Gila fits this description. Also known as the Devil’s Spine this climb is completed twice from both directions on the final day of racing just outside of Silver City, New Mexico. The Tour of the Gila is one of the most storied cycling stage races in North America, which is why it is integral for Ekoi-Devinci leading into the 2013 cycling season.

Some of cycling’s’ greatest legends, perhaps good and bad have ventured to Silver City, New Mexico to compete in the Tour of the Gila. The 5 stage race includes high altitude desert, forest and unforgiving climbs. This great race is a challenge – and the winner must be capable of sprinting, climbing and time trialling. Each day is mentally and physically taxing, pushing one’s energy systems, nerves and perseverance to the limit.

For Team Ekoi-Devinci, racing among North America’s top professionals is a fantastic opportunity to test their fitness and to work as a team for the first time of 2013. The planning, logistics and challenges faced to bring an entire cycling team to New Mexico is work, but well worth the investment. Not only does the racing itself provide a great context for team building, but travelling and living together creates a narrative for everyone involved to reflect upon and learn from. The valuable attributes gained from such a project are important for the team’s major goals later in the year.
Every race is significant, but Gila is particularly vital due to its history and the base fitness the high altitude region provides. Furthermore, the scenery and immensity of the environment is humbling yet empowering. This race is a challenge, but it serves well to instill confidence among all of Ekoi’s riders while they build towards their major goals in 2013.

All the best to everyone on the team this year – it’ll be a fantastic event, one that is certainly like no other!
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